The bears which appear on the following pages are just an example of some of the bears which we make all bears (or rabbits) are approximately two inches high unless otherwise stated and can be ordered in the style which you prefer, please E-mail with your preferences and details of payment. Postage and packaging £1.00 for up to 2 bears, up to 10 bears £2.50, over 10 bears free P&P.(Overseas please E-mail for rates).

Bears With Toys

The photo above shows a variety of bears with toys. (Left to right), Emma with mini rabbit wearing pink crochet dress, Lulu with pull along rabbit, Tommy with mini grey dog, Amy with mini girl golly and Paris with mini boy golly. The above bears are £4.95 each complete with accessories or £2.99 alone. (Other toys/accessories available are dolls, boy or girl gollies, pull along toys, marottes, miniature rabbits, baby bears and tiny dogs all approx. one inch high).

The Country Bumpkins

Barnaby and Hazel love the country and have brightly coloured clothes. They are both £4.95 each including their furry friends.

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