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Today electronic media is all important. Ninety percent of everything that leaves the office has either been prepared on, or communicated by, electronic media, and if it has been prepared on a computer, you have instantaneous visual reference via the files stored.
         Three years ago only about 50% of material were prepared for total electronic usage. So, when revising a book more than three years old, looking for an important document lost somewhere in the paper filing system, don't you wish you had the material on disc so that you could view it (and update it) electronically?
         Nowadays, information for immediate (or archival) use, internal and/or external publishing (on CD or via the Internet) should be prepared as electronically accessible files.

ARgent ComputerText specialises in scanning documents and providing them in machine-readable form in a format that can be viewed, edited and printed to paper copy, floppy disc, CD-ROM and Web.

     A. Manuscripts submitted without usable electronic media, i.e. no disc from your author or unaccessible data files provided
     B. Book revision — No data files to give to the author for revision? Have the original scanned and then provide the author with data files which he/she can edit on their own computer.
     C. Important documents — Paper copy only, these can be scanned complete with original signatures and stored as data files.
     D. Archival material — Build up data file copies of original documents and store on CD for quick reference doing away with the need to search files for original paper copies.

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A few examples:

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