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I am a Software/Systems Engineer qualified to degree level with more than 18 years experience in the Software/Electronics Industry. My broad experience has been gained in both the commercial and military sectors working with a wide range of hardware/software platforms.

I am self motivated and work conscientiously and reliably in high pressure situations.

Key Skills and Experience include:-

·            DO-178B

·            Software/system requirement specification and hardware/software partitioning

·            High level and assembly language programming

·            Project planning, configuration management and quality assurance

·            Test specification and test harness design


1988 - 2002 Contract Employment

Smiths Industries Aerospace (Newmark)

Software Engineer: Automatic flight control system (AFCS) for PZL SOKOL helicopter. AFCS based on proven Sea King system. Ported existing CORAL code from an unsupported compiler to XGC on Sun Ultra / Solaris 8.0. Code targeted at MC68020. AFCS design / code updated to utilise additional position data from GPS input. Software development / debugging using microVIEW-G symbolic debugger. Software design and coding (C à Atmega128 micro controller) for an interface card to receive (via RS232 / ARINC 429) and format positional information from a GPS I/F for use by AFCS.

Nord Micro AG:

Software Engineer: Cabin pressure control system for Embraer ERJ 170/190. ‘C’ code generation (Tasking 166 compiler targeted at a C167 microcontroller) from UML design. Hardware/software integration test specification produced to satisfy the objectives of DO-178B for level ‘A’ software. Traceability using DOORS; configuration management with ClearCase.

Delphi Delco Automotive Systems:

Satellite Digital Audio Receiver (SDAR): Principal Software engineer responsible for design and coding (‘C’ è NEC V850, embedded) of an in-vehicle SDAR system for XM and Sirius satellite radio. Satellite broadcast content is advanced RDS type subscription orientated programming allowing service selection / ‘navigation’ (both audio and data) by program genre / data type. Communication between radio head and SDAR via class 2 vehicle bus (General Motors). Software requirements and design derived iteratively from satellite service layer protocols and API specifications. Software integration and test using NEC ID850 I2ICE, APTIX / FPGA IC simulation. Received two Delphi Automotive Systems awards; (1) Performance Quality Award for developing service providers’ satellite broadcast protocols and (2) Extraordinary Work and Customer Focus whilst working on site with XM developing the first SDAR to be fitted in 2001 model year Cadillacs.

Meggitt Avionics (MAv):

Multi Function Indicator (MFI): Design, coding (‘C’ and 68HC11 assembler) and test of a MFI used in conjunction with the ship’s data distribution system for the latest offshore patrol vessels for the Brunei Navy.

Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System: Management documentation, standards etc. for DO-178B level ‘B’ software. Software requirements modelling and design for magnetic heading and BIT functionality using Teamwork. Code written in ‘C’ and TMS320C30 assembly language. Unit testing with Cantata and formal qualification test specification production.

Secondary Flight Display: Software requirements modelling using Teamwork for the LCD secondary flight display (indicating altitude, airspeed pitch and roll angle) used on Chinook helicopter.

Dual Port Air Data Module: System specification, hardware/software partitioning and software requirements. Module, integration and formal qualification test cases and procedures produced in accordance with the objectives of DO-178B for level ‘A’ software. Module test harnesses produced on a Cantata test platform.

Electronic Clock (with auto luminance backlight): Management documentation produced in accordance with RTCA/DO-178B (level C) and the additional requirements of Boeing (BCAG) Technical Standards (D6-35071-1) to obtain BCAG approved supplier status for MAv. Formulation of system specification, hardware/software partitioning and software requirements to meet BCAG specification. Tool qualification data produced for Cantata (MSVC and Inmos ‘C’) to obtain certification credit for its use in generation and automation of software test platforms and performing dynamic/static code analysis. Module, integration and formal qualification test cases produced.

Encoding (ICAO) Altimeter and Altitude Alerter: Management documentation produced to comply with RTCA/DO-178B. System acceptance, software integration and structural (code coverage) test specifications. Testing effort to achieve ‘178B verification criteria minimised through test coverage analysis:- requirement based testing via traceability matrices; structural coverage analysis through use of McCabe static analyser.

Solid state Air Data Unit : Reverse engineering design documentation and specification of suitable verification cases / procedures to achieve CAA certification. Module, integration and formal qualification test specifications, design and coding in ANSI C for the T2 based project. Project Configuration Management using Polytron Version Control System (PVCS). Responsible for producing complete project documentation set in accordance with DO178B.

Digital Equipment Corporation: Responsible for testing an X500 directory product. Test requirements devised to verify both functionality and compliance with CCITT Rec. X500. Automated test scripts produced to ensure correct operation of single and networked Directory System Agents on VAX/VMS and VAX/ULTRIX platforms.

Serco Systems: Design and coding of firmware used in a distributed Automatic Test System (ATS) for the MK24 Tigerfish torpedo. Code in Microtech ‘C’ targeted at a MC68HC11 micro controller. Design/documentation using Yourdon to JSP188 standards. Software Production Test and Acceptance Test Specifications/Schedules produced for several cards within the ATS.

GEC Sensors: Planning and devising Formal Qualification Tests for a MIL-STD-1553B databus orientated munitions guidance subsystem. Test planning and design procedures in compliance with DOD-STD-2167A; quality standards to ‘2168.

Siemens Plessey Defence: Software Quality Assurance support provided for projects using SASD/RT methodology. Documentation reviews, design reviews and full project audits conducted with reference to AQAP 1/13. QA activities planned, resourced and costed in relation to Engineering milestones using PERT networks. Automated source code analysis tools developed to assist code and test reviews (code metrics).

Brush Electrical Machines: Retrospective test and documentation of the control software for the Class 60 locomotive. Software testing and debugging accomplished by code scrutiny, hardware emulation and rigorous white box tests. Documentation from module to system wide level using System Architect. Code updates written in Borland Turbo Pascal and 68000 assembler.

Lucas Aerospace: Specification and design of software (level ‘A’) for use in a full authority digital engine controller (FADEC). Specification and design documentation produced using Teamwork on Sun/Sparc workstations.

Hawker Siddeley Dynamics: System specification, hardware/software partitioning and software requirement definition for a real time multiprocessor gearbox monitoring system. Software design/documentation to JSP188 standards, quality plans with reference to AQAP 1/13.

1980 - 1988 Permanent Employment: GEC Avionics

Flight Controls: Customer liaison and formulation of system requirement specifications for a distributed ground control station for drone aircraft. Hardware/software partitioning and software requirement definition. Software design/documentation to JSP188. Prioritised multitasking executive produced to overcome runtime problems.

Maritime Aircraft Systems: Feasibility studies for proposed signal processing systems produced by means of mathematical modelling and statistical analysis. Hardware simulation used to estimate equipment performance and generate commissioning test specifications.


1980 - 1985 University of Reading: BSc Electronic Engineering - ‘sandwich’ course sponsored by GEC Avionics.


Nationality: British

DoB: 21/04/62

Status: Married



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