Climbing in Dorset, UK...

The Talking-About-Dangerous-Sports Club!

Here's founder-members Graham Wynne and Martyn Arnold, who might happen to look as they are about to do some climbing, but are as likely to be having a discussion about which flavour of soup we are to make next, or perhaps who's turn it is to put the kettle on.

It is is requirement of our club that the amount of time actually participating in any sport is reduced to a minimum, and the time spent talking about where we might walk or climb, whilst sat in a pub drinking beer, is maximised. Hanging around Cotswold Camping looking as though we're about to buy some technical-looking gadget is also permitted.

Me and Graham Wynne on the Subluminal pitch
Me on Dancing Ledge Despite all I've just said, here I am actually having a go at a limestone overhang at Dancing Ledge, near Langton Matravers, in Dorset.

I'm having to do this because Graham accidentally kicked the last pack of pork pies over the cliff.

Here's one of our favourite spots. This is the 'Subluminal' climbing area at Durleston Head, Swanage. These are limestone cliffs, jam-packed with fossils. I do believe you can see one on the cliff right now. Let's zoom in for a look-see...

What's this? Graham is hanging on the rope! He's probably just dropped the sausage roll he was eating a moment ago. I suppose we can forgive this blatant example of unethical rope-grabbing under such arduous circumstances. I'm on the right, showing how it should be done. That's right, you keep the sausage rolls under your hard-hat until a decent hand-hold permits ethical snacking.

A Celebratory Page is being planned, should Graham ever tackle Sharp Edge on Blencathra (He's just tackled it! See the Lakes Picture Page for February 2000!  It defeated us, though, 'cos of the ice and the high winds!) , and should John Kelly, of Neston, The Wirral, ever do Jack's Rake on Pavey Ark (John did that too!), despite years of saying he will! I'll give them until the end of this summer, when a special Wuss Page will be created for them instead, if necessary!
John Kelly Finally, here's John Kelly and Nicky, as seen from a quarry wall on Portland, where I'm just about to discover that my climbing belt isn't fastened properly. Twat!


Unfortunately, climbing is now on hold as Graham's knee is no bloody good!

Author: Martyn Arnold

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