Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


This is the view from the window of the Shangri-La hotel. Good view of the Petronas Towers. Well, one of them!

Yvonne tucks into the first of many coconuts on Petaling Street!

Entrance lobby of the Shangri-La. Very grand.

I am trying to get a picture of the KL Tower at night. I am failing!

The English Pub in the hotel has put on some entertainment for us...

...I thought these guys were pretty good, really, even though they had never heard of any of my requests!

Silly photograph time! We've made a habit of this when we've had a few.

Time for a gin and tonic! Note the 'Englishman abroad' outfit!

We're now on the road from KL to Penang. I've got one of these! Thank God it isn't yellow!

Penang, Malaysia


Oh, a horse. Well that makes a change. Yawn!


The horse's owner makes the mistake of telling Yvonne that the horse can swim.

Hey, he said it can swim! He never said it had gills!



Steve and Aniza's wedding party in Penang (just in case you thought we had a guided tour of Liberace's boudoir).

Some kids yelling.


Bangkok, Thailand


The view from the President Solitaire hotel (42" plasma telly in every room!)


Suan Lum, the night market and complex full of bars and restaurants.

One of the 10,000,000 stray cats 

Oh, go one then, just one more beer!

Tom Yum soup.

The tuk-tuk driver wants to take us to a porn show. 


Yvonne is picking up replacement travellers' cheques.


Phuket, Thailand


The Thavorn Beach Village & Spa


It's raining. Hard. I am cowering under the brolly.


Our beach-front bungalow.

Yvonne's pet lobster.

Did I say 'pet'? I meant 'supper'.

I'm not pissed, you know.


This is what happens when trusting hotel staff leave the keys in their electric golf cart outside the hotel.

What was I saying about silly pictures after we'd had a few?


I don't know if I fancy this...

... but I do now!

Well, if you'd ridden a white elephant like I told you, I'd have got a better picture!

Our Thai Cooking class!

... and fruit carving class! The master's are the top ones, mine are below. Yvonne's were indistinguishable from peelings.



Snorkelling off Phi Phi


A fat Twatfish



How to make a binliner into tropical storm protection!

Sea Gypsies

A fish

Some fish

Phi Phi Lei

Phi Phi Lei

Phi Phi Lei - where Leonardo di Caprio was attacked by a shark in 'The Beach' and unfortunately not eaten


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (again)



Two twin towers this time!

The view from the window. Well, it looked good at the time!


The KL tower

Admiring the woodwork. 
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