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Now, we thought this would be two things - fun and cheap. After all, how much can three balls and some clubs cost? It would keep is off the beer and provide us with a bit of entertainment.

Off we went to Max Oddball's shop in Islington, where, after a couple of pints, the spending devil took hold and the four of us went home nearly five hundred quid poorer. So much for the 'cheap' part of this idea! Well, the 'fun' part was well catered for, as we had balls (soft ones, bouncy ones and luminous ones), clubs (standard and flaming), rings and a couple of unicycles. My one regret is that, only having had a couple of beers, I didn't recklessly splash out on the chrome zig-zag framed six-foot unicycle, or the one with the boots all the way round the wheel-rim. I settled for the standard chrome-framed 16" BMX wheel model. Pretty damned cool it is, though - see left.

Now I have a unicycling photograph here, I'll see if I can locate a photograph of my barbecue party-piece - fire-eating. I only do this when I'm pissed up, but then again, what sober person would do it?

Author: Martyn Arnold

Last modified: January 1998