Napoli, February 2007

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It's hard to find just one picture to sum up a city. Usually.




The nice hill in the background looks peaceful, doesn't it?

Detail on wall of house

It's hard to get away from Vesuvio in Pompeii. 
And I bet I'm not the first person to say that.

Ruts made by cartwheels

Grindstones, or querns

A vine, nicely trained in a window garden

Detail on interior wall of house

Did anyone just hear a loud noise?

The hole in the ceiling of the bath house cold room

The garden of the fugitives

Ceiling detail

The crater of the volcano. See the smoke?


Looking across the crater...

... through a faint smoky haze


Napoli, as seen from the crater. I prefer my cities to be a bit further away. Let's say 1,000 miles or so.

Part of the solidified lava flow from the 1944 eruption

Herculaneum, after its excavation from about 50 feet of volcanic ash


It appears to be filled with olives and what looks like seaweed, but if it's in pie form, I'll eat it!

Detail on the interior wall of a house

The dogs, as found in Piazza Garibaldi early one morning.

This is the interior view of the wooden wheel, called the ruota,  which passes through the wall of the Basilica Santissima Annunziata Maggiore on Via dell'Annunziata, which allowed for unwanted babies to be deposited anonymously from the street, and rotated round to bring the opening to the interior.

On receipt, one of the nuns would take the baby, bathe it, and record the time and date in a ledger. The rather popular Napolitan family name 'Esposito' derives from this practice, apparently meaning 'exposed'.

A narrow Napolitan alley

An even narrower Napolitan alley!

Pizza... Pizza to die for... and here in Napoli both are never far away!

Especially considering the local scenery - and the locals!

I'm window shopping!


To Aaron and Stella, who conspicuously failed to make this trip, for reasons beyond Stella's control. I bet you thought we never thought of you. We hope you make it next time!


Public domain photograph (and ain't it a cracker?) from

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I should have paid more attention, and then, maybe, I'd still have my mobile phone. Watch those pickpockets!