Prague, June 2007

See the Wikipedia article on Prague, Czech Republic, here

Panorama from the castle


We actually asked for a half litre. Colin's Czech was impeccable, so God knows what obscure dialect the bar guy speaks.

Kick me, would you?


A Black Madonna


The tower housing the...

... Astronomical Clock

Tyn Church

View from the Castle. The TV tower dominates the skyline, as usual.

The church within the castle

A doorway!

View from the belltower

A gargoyle water spout on the end of the gutter. See it?
A gargurgle, then, or a gargleoyle?

Guess what, from the belltower. Not much chance of losing the hotel, which is close to this thing. The hotel TV reception is awful. What the hell does this thing do?

A Haribo Tram! Chewy!

How good is this??

Gehry's 'Dancing House'. 

This picture again, just because I like it!

Further reading for you lucky people:

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