Stand Grammar School

Church Lane, Whitefield, Manchester
Demolished 2001 AD

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Geoffrey Allen (Galsk)
Paul "Digger" Prendergast
Howard Holt
Robert Holt
Rob Shimmin
Tony Jacobs
Danny Weidenbaum
Malcolm Meggit
Jonathan Seitler
Ian Joseph
Howard Joseph
Neil Larah
Alan 'Tarz' Reynard
Phil Myers
Howard Crompton
Terry 'Tex' Mitchell
Dave Crompton
Keith Jones
Barry K. Noden
Mark Samberg
David Ansell
Simon Sutherland
Lawrence Jeffries
David Haywood
Warren Richman
Stephen Cantor
Ian Entwisle
Harris Frazer
Roger Hanson (deceased)
Harry Wilkinson
Jeff Phillips  (deceased)
Tom Sweetman
Phil Silvert
David Sheldon
Keith Emsall
Greg Berry
Nick Young (aka Skunk!)
Phil Simpson
Dave Smith
Howard Epstein
Mike Hage
Michael J. Rubinstein
Dave Jones
 Alan Davies
 Ivan Thompson
Sam (Simon Martin David) Wilson.
Warren Johnson (deceased)
Eddie (Edward) Lees
Garnet Harrison
Arnold McGregor
 John Hall
Martin Simons
John Horrocks
Doug Flynn
Jeremy Cooper
Stephen Levy
Jeremy Adelman
Ian Levine (deceased)
Rakesh Sharma
Pete Drysdale
Charles Khan
Ken Lomax
 Michael Russell
Graham Khan
Simon Benyair
Frank Roebuck
Dave Christmas
John Crocker 
Dave Evans
Simon Tushingham
Neil Bellamy
Ray Lemond (formerly Ray Shuck)
Peter Snipe
Rikki Manville
Alan Engmann
Martin Livingstone
Eric Davies
 David Gould
David Bellairs
Stan Black
Barrie Warwick
John Warwick
Mike Smith
Neville Bailey
Dean Jackson
Wayne Jackson
Dave R Walker
Robert S. Clynes
Neil Thompson
Carl Taylor
Nigel Warburton
Eddie Clark
John Chisnall
Darrell Horn
 Trevor Stevens
 Roland Berry
Andy Robinson
Steve Ashworth
Johnny Hewitt
Kevin McGowan
Phil Dean
 Mark Barlow
Gabriel Jacobs
Les Yates
Duncan Beech
Gary Walker
Nigel Warburton
 Richard Robinson
Stuart Ballan
John C Hall
Steve Bonnet
Brien Crossfield
David Cohen
Derek Hill
Col Green
Geoff Ingham
Ray Sims
John David Leaver
Susan Carter (now Susan Gronier)
Dave Lewis
Derek (Parsnips) Parsons
Dave Rose
Clive Feingold
Nigel Booth
Charles Calderbank
Alan Breckin
Martin Watson
John Ward
Andrew Coakley
David Glick
Stuart Mansell
Brian Heywood
Stephen Evans
Terry Bickerdike
Stephen Evans
Paul Cowsill
Pete Smart
 Dave McCadden
Dave Clynes
Ian Clynes
Iain Macauley
Joe Conway
Steve Hamblett
Paul Conway
Nev Young
Antony Rowley
Keith Bradshaw
Gez Diamond
Geoffrey William Whitehead
Graham Brown
Mike (Hamster) Hammond
Barry Hall
Chris Barnes
 Ian Shinwell
 William Eccles
Alan McGilvray
Ian Niven
Mark Bolton
Pete Brown
Mark 'Spud' Fletcher
Ewan More
Andrew Cuckill
Nev Entwistle
 Mark Christopher Bolton
Geoff Breckin
Ian Oster
 Peter Dean
Paul Berman
Tony Gallacher
Ken Ashton (Shiner)
Malcolm Cowsill
Mark Horrocks
David Solman
Steve Gilbert
Peter Bramah
Ray Bragg
Stuart Reece
Steve Bramah
Kevin Parrott
Gary Hayes
Nev Entwistle
Leonard Singer
 John Scholes
 Ian McDonald
 Kevin Parrott
Keith Davies Jones
Phil Laddin
 Julian Ernst
David Rattee
Ian Hanson
Peter Oldfield
Ralph Lowe
Roger Bowden
Chris Leach
Steve Parkinson
Mike Passant
Glyn 'Snaily' Bailey
Jonathan Barnes
David Pomfret
Martin Harper
Chris Leach
Ken Thorp
Jim Alderson
Neil Watts
 Dave Williamson
Ian Birtwell
Julien Yates
Steven Jennings
 Simon Tushingham
Roger Bowden
Brian Muir
 Dave Basnett
Graham Farrington (Faz)
John C Hall
Joseph Baker
Mel Wood

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