Stand Grammar School

Church Lane, Whitefield, Manchester 
Demolished 2001 AD?


Pictures of the school during the Old Standians grand tour.

These were taken on 17 June 2000, during our tour round the old buildings prior to the Demolition Dinner. I expect you might wonder why I didn't take lots more, having gone along with the capacity to take about 250 pictures, but there's not a lot left that we would remember. The hall is no more, having been carved up with false walls. Not one of the classrooms looks like a classroom. No more rubber rollers to ink a map of the Mekong delta into your geography books.  No more animals in bottles in the biology lab, nor fish, nor cockroaches, gerbils nor aquatic froggy things. I suppose the axolotl (pink larval Mexican newt) has been put out to pasture. The swordfish sword that 'Hairy' Hynes used to hang his cloak on is gone.

Click on any picture for a 640 x 480 image. Use your browser's 'return' function to get back here, as I can't be bothered to make ten links to do the same thing. I'm bone idle and good for nothing, remember?

The frontage of the old place, pretty much as we remember it, apart for the satellite dish.

Rumour has it that the building dates from 1910, but this drainpipe hopper on the front of the building (they don't make them like this any more!) actually seems to date from 1912 (the school itself was actually founded in 1688, incidentally).

Here's Geoff 'Doc' Barnes, outside the old Headmaster's study. What a great chap; we were very sad to see him go, particularly when his replacement arrived!
The old bike sheds, or, at least, a stain on the wall where they used to be. Formerly room for about 200 bicycles and a dozen smokers. Now room for one car. There's progress for you!
Here's two pictures of Warren Richman and Phil Hargreaves...
... who will surely be known forever as 'Haggis' - scourge of the gymnasium and wielder of the feared 'Percy the Persuader'.


The art room corridor, unchanged after all these years. Room 30, the Art Room, on the left, room 29, the Music Room, on the right. 
Who were these three again? I'm hopeless with names. I should have written them down (once in rough, then in my exercise book)! Apparently they are Barry Diamond (orange shirt), Michael Rubinstein in middle and Anthony Levy. Thanks, Gez"
The School Captains  of the last century, latterly the 'Chairpersons of the School Committee', whatever the hell they are.
The plaque commemorating Old Standians who fell in the Great War.

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