Stand Grammar School

Church Lane, Whitefield, Manchester
Demolished 2001 AD?


Recent pictures of the school.

Thanks are due to Tony and Jon Jacobs for sending these in. Click on any picture for a 640 x 480 image. Use your browser's 'return' function to get back here, as I can't be bothered to make ten links to do the same thing. I'm bone idle and good for nothing, remember?
In you go, boys! DONT RUN! You, boy! Yes, the one with the scabs! See me outside Staff Room 1! The main entrance.


The entrance again, with a little bit of additional detail to jog your memories.
Rooms 21 and 21, built as temporary accomodation in the mid 1940's, wasn't it? Well, they're still there!
An alternative view of 21 and 22, with the school church in the background.
Inside room 21.
"Apples, Pears, Bananas, Oranges! We've four teams, GO!!"  Oh no, it's the Gym! The gym and woodwork room, where, if you dropped any, you sharpened chisels for Ivor Jones and 'Killer' Crouchley.
This is the hall, looking towards room 20. It seems to have a mezzanine floor in it, though the balcony where the 6th and 7th formers once slouched is still there.
Looking in the other direction out of the window that used to be above the stage. 

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