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Engine Oil
There was a time when it was easy to choose your oil. Now with the extended choice of synthetic oils it's much more complicated.  I've always used the standard Castrol GP four stroke oil 10W40, common in the UK.

You can visit the Castrol web site and search on your make and model to see what oil they recommend for your style of riding - here

Battery Maintenance

I've recently bought an Optimate 2 intelligent battery charger from this company in the UK, who sell them much cheaper than the local bike dealers and offer free delivery - ARE

Coloured Headlight Bulbs
I see this company also do 'legal' orange and green tinted H4 bulbs.  Something I have been looking for, for a long time to make myself more noticeable on the roads.  Can't wait to try some. I did use an amber headlight cover secured with 3M adhesive blocks but they started to come unstuck at speed.

Result - Not impressed with these 'tinted' bulbs. They don't appear to be tinted at all and I will complain to supplier.

I have tried one of these bulbs.  I see no hint of orange, appears white to me.  Not very good, will speak to suppliers.

In my opinion all bikes should have amber bulbs to distinguish them from cars with twin headlights.

Note: there is a master 30 amp fuse separate from the battery fuse box, situated further down on the left side.  Remove cover panel to reveal.

Corrosion can occur in the fuse holder on bikes used in all weathers.  Might cause starting problems. Check by removing 30 amp fuse and inspect carefully.  If corroded replace - there is a spare fuse there. You might have to replace fuse holder if its badly corroded as it is difficult to clean out. Apply anti corrosion grease.

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