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Welcome to

Peter's Motorcycle Pages

In which I describe my experiences, good and bad, of the

Honda ST1100 'Pan-European' Sports tourer

and general motorcycle topics

Sign seen stuck across the top of the speedo
on a old cafe style racer said,

"Bikes bite fools"

How true!

Site of the month:

World wide motorcycle owners register at MicaPeak

Alarming UK traffic statistics for 1999:
"In 20 years time the number of cars on the road in Britain will increase by 30%  and traffic in general will increase by 40%"
UK Transport Statistics here

Starting with photographs of my
Honda ST1100-R - standard 1995 UK model

Peter's ST1100 1995 model 'Wineberry Red'

I wasn't happy with this Honda top box above and have replaced it with a Givi E45 mono-key model which is much more practical, having a better release mechanism and can hold two full face helmets.

Note the smaller original screen and lower handlebars of the pre '96 models.


With tall screen and winter handlebar muffs at 147K

Recommended viewing for all ST1100 owners -

STeinar Fremmes Home Page

Very comprehensive site
also from the same stable:
how to join PanEuro mailing list 

From this site you can join the Paneuro mailing lists group
and forum to receive regular emails from Pan owners
concerning ownership queries etc.

As well as My MC Discussion Forum


  • Pros:
    • Very comfortable rider's seat for hundreds of miles
    • Engine: Smooth, quiet, high speed cruising with plenty of power
    • Good petrol consumption - as much as 55 mpg (imp.)
    • Smart fitted panniers
    • Durable smart appearance & finish
    • Very large petrol tank - range 270-300 miles 
    • Honda heated grips now available but expensive
    • Twin light bulbs front and rear - for safety
    • Very reliable
    • Discreet but effective crash bars - all bikes should have them
    • Cons:
    • Handlebars low - takes getting use to (later models '96 on, have higher ones)
    • Screen low - (later models have higher, wider screens '96 on)
    • Lack of accessories, no fitted radio, power sockets
    • Lack of warm air vents to hands
    • Mirrors too low and wide for busy city traffic but do give excellent view free from vibrations
    • On high mileage bikes or older ones used on north European winter salt laden roads, check for corrosion of the swinging arm. This fault could be serious! 

    Stop Press!

    You can read full details of the new ST1300

    With first photographs   &  Motorsport's Overview

    Having seen then new ST1300 at the NEC motorcycle show it confirms my opinion that it is a better bike than the current model, which is now looking dated. Honda must regret that they didn't replace it two years ago. Less weight, fuel injected 1300 engine, adjustable seat , stainless steel silencer/exhaust and a shorter wheelbase are a wining combination. It was noticeable how the panniers fit more smugly into the rear wheel arch creating a slim rear end. Couldn't see an oil filler cap? Not that it would be needed often. I know some owners worry about how vulnerable their parked current bikes are with an easily accessible oil filler cap to the mischievous.

    This model will become available in the UK in April/May after being available for test rides at our nearest dealer.

    Go to the Clothing page to read about the latest 
    revolutionary invention in heated clothing - Gorix

    My low petrol warning light comes at 225 miles or slightly less now. Use to do 250 miles.

    Checked fuel consumption on a recent run which was high speed motorway with strong head winds needing 4th gear use. Result was 46 mpg (UK Imps gallon)

    Bikesafe - riding tips here

    Honda News

    Honda 'Wing'

    Motto:  "If you don't have wings, you'll never fly"

    Stop press: Honda have announced that all their new bikes, in the UK, will be sprayed with this new security identification fluid - Smartwater
    Honda UK web site here
    In the UK Honda introduced  MAC - the Motorcycle Appreciation Course, for buyers of new Honda bikes, to much acclaim.  This is a way of helping riders to reduce accidents and get more fun out of biking through improved skills.  More details on their web page.
    Nice ST1100 screen saver from Honda here

    The ST's used by
    The Honda Motorcycle Appreciation Course
    (MAC) instructors in the UK
    Lovely graphics!

    ST1100 - Facts & Figures
    The Rockies - Two Pans in Alberta

    Kodak PhotoCD greatly enlarged via CorelDraw 8

    Picture taken on the Icefields Parkway, Canadian Rockies. I had to put up with a hire car on this route. These two riders had the best means of transport and made me envious. Nice biking road.
    For International Honda parts and accessories
    by mail order and UK bike hire price chart :
    Fowlers of Bristol

    UK mail order screens & accessories from MPS

    Motorcycling Noise and Ear Damage Report

    Article: Motorcycles: Hearing Loss

    UK Parts Search site

    Touring UK or Europe?
    Web based touring routes planner from Michelin

    Historical bikes web site - excellent

    E-mail: stoddard@bigfoot.com

    Queries & Comments welcome
    UK Travel

    Revised and being updated - July 2002

    Comments welcome

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