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If you want to ride all year round in comfort, then I recommend a heated waistcoat from either of these companies:

Giali or Chilli

Once you've tried one you will wonder how you ever managed without one before in.

I recently (Nov. 1998) purchased latest long sleeved heated jacket from Giali and will report results in due course.
January 1999 - jacket returned to manufacturer to repair - loose connection. Posted off and returned within 7 days.
When working jacket is very hot, has to be worn over two thin layers of clothing as control switch costs extra. My outer jacket inner linings are no longer required.
Update - December 1999:

Jacket stopped working after one months use this winter. Has been returned to suppliers for repair. Very disappointing! Repaired and returned after about 10 days. New cable supplied FOC.

I see the new connector has been altered slightly so that connection is firmer but if you walk away from bike, forgetting to disconnect, (am I the only rider to do this?) the connector doesn't 'part' easily, as the old one did but the wires do!! Letter to Giali.
Update - Jan. 2001
Jacket now working well although with the mild winter I have not had to use too often so far. Even so I have used it on many successive days successfully.
Inline Fuse is now 7.5 amp and no longer 'blows' as the original 5 amp one did.

Revolutionary New Heated Material from GORIX

This is a new material that will hopefully make winter biking much more comfortable in the future.  At present heated bike jackets rely on wire to circulate the heat.  GORIX material does away with the need for vulnerable embedded wires.  The whole garment conducts low power electricity - great potential. 

New bike garments about to be announced - Winter 2001

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