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"Man is old when he begins to hide his age; woman, when she begins to tell hers." (Oscar Wilde)

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The recent Wedding of Sarah & Roy is being recorded and celebrated on this new site

Sarah & Roy - The Wedding

you are welcome to go along and visit

More wedding photos here

Site of the month:

The Theban Mapping Project
Egypt: The Valley of the Kings
in great detail

Friends Reunited here

This site lists all the UK schools and enables you to see lists of entries by former pupils - perhaps your old school class mates are here?  Read how they have got on in life.  Join the fun, enter your own details and photograph!

The search engine I use most and can recommend -  Google
UK version now available - www.google.co.uk

New - My Corkboard a screen saver and pin board combined

From time to time we all get urgent virus warning messages.   I always visit this authoritative site to see if they are a hoax or not  - Data Fellows hoax virus data base.

While talking about viruses I can't recommend this free anti virus software enough - from AVG here.  Its always important to update it monthly with latest virus pattern.

If you need free legal advice in the UK then try this site Freelawyer
North American readers may find this a contradiction in terms but it's there!

Anyone interested in our solar system can wander around this site to their heart's content as it contains all the information you would ever want to know:
The Nine Planets

We are the third rock from the sun, as TV addicts know!

The Internet at its best 'Astronomy Picture of the Day'

"Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer."

The Hubble Space Telescope home page is - here.  The images available are quite amazing

In Memory of Pandora from Brisbane  'down under,'
who gave me hints and tips on web page design
The Stoddard family links...

For more uptodate family web pages and images:-

Sarah's Wedding

Family History - The Dores'

Peter a year or two ago

peter 18 months

From the archives

Marion a year or two ago!

Peter - Marion
  Ian - Sarah - Anne
Ian & Michelle

Now at the Rialto
Holiday Flats

Congratulations on the birth of their beautiful daughter Lauren Jade in February 2000 and now some competition for Lauren - from Hannah Caitlin born 22nd August 2001

Ian and Hannah at 2 months

Ian & Hannah Nov. 2001

Ian and Lauren
Ian and Lauren

Ian & Lauren

Lauren towel
Marion Michelle and Hannah
Anne & Jon

Congratulations on the birth of their second son - the lovely Brandon Charlie, in December 2000 - a brother to dear Benjamin

Ben & Brandon
Ben & Brandon
Ben says, "When I grow up I am going to marry my mum and if I can't marry my mum I am going to marry Auntie Sarah because she is a beautiful lady."
Too late Ben, Roy has beaten you to it!

Ben 4

Ben Page Boy

Ben & Brandon

Ben & Brandon
'Play up Pompey' 
they need to!

Ben on slide Brandon1

Brandon 1 yr

Anne and Ben

Anne & Ben

Ben & Brandon

Ben in Feb. 2003

Sarah smile Congratulations also to 
Sarah & Roy
on their marriage
Sarah and Jodie

Sarah & Jodie

New year 2003 The Girls

Sarah & Gang

Brandon 2004 2004
Hannah 2004

Family 1980s


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