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Owner's Log

Servicing & Mechanical History

(Standard UK 1995 R model)

1995 - First registered in UK, supplied with short stubby screen
1996 - July, purchased by me with 2,000 miles on 'clock'

36,000 miles - both headlights bulbs needed replacing

90,000 miles - Nov. 1998, timing cam belt replaced as recommended - never fail to do this because if it breaks the engine will be wrecked!
93,000 miles - Dec. 1998, rear wheel bearing failure* and final drive splines worn - both replaced

100,500 miles - both headlight bulbs needed replacing
110,500 miles - Jan 1999, poor fuel consumption traced to seized choke, on one side, partially on. All three brake disks replaced, plus new pads, as well as rear wheel bearing faulty* - replaced FOC by Honda - 'thank you.' Front brakes binding - new seals.
128,000 miles - July 1999, headlight bulb replaced also anti-dive needle roller bearing needs replacing - symptoms: loud clunk when applying front brake at low speed.

136,000 miles - August 1999, one headlight bulb faulty, glowing faintly, intermittent fault. This has now been fixed - the bulb holder was burnt out.

140,000 miles - near side front fork oil seal leaking - to be replaced. Front brakes partially seized on - callipers dismantled, sliding mechanism and pistons cleaned. New battery fitted - old one (original) losing charge when bike not used for a few days.
147,000 miles December 1999 - Front brake calliper seals replaced

149,900 miles February 2000 - speedo cable seized - replaced inner and outer sleeve as old inner cable seized inside outer. Also new n/s headlight bulb required.

155,000 Oct. 2000 - Rear brake calliper stripped down as it was seizing up - new piston seals and pads fitted.

157,000 Nov. 2000 - Cush drive rubbers in final drive replaced, restoring smooth, silent take off. Should have done this sooner.  Metal inserts in rubbers were loose indicating wear.
Final drive splines need re-lubricating with correct Honda moly grease. Needs to be checked every time wheel is removed from bike.

157,500 Dec. 2000 - two new silencers fitted. Rust holes were appearing in ends of old ones. Danger is that hot gases will burn holes in panniers. You can get cheap after market silencers but they do not have the underside 'cut out' of the originals that allow easy removal of the wheel spindle and require silencer to be loosened each time to achieve this, which you don't have to with the Honda ones.

Master 30 amp fuse and holder corroded - replaced.

159,700 Feb. 2001 - Brake pad pins replaced to overcome sticking pads.   Seems to have done the trick.

160,000 - Several instrument panel bulbs needed replacing.  These are 1.7w capless.  Whereas the warning lights for oil, indicators etc., are capless 3w.  All these bulbs are easily replaced by unscrewing the screen and removing the two shrouds beneath to reveal back of the instrument panel.  This is also a good way of getting at headlight bulbs to replace them.

165,000 May 2001 - Noisy cooling fan - all of a sudden.  Major service (now - restoration) and replacement timing belt due.

Sudden unusual noise -  the cooling fan housing is rusted and the loose fan was about to cause serious damage to the radiator - caught just in time. Don't ignore unusual fan noise!
Exhaust collector box rusted - ouch! Stainless Steel replacement
Gear lever linkage well worn
Anti-dive mechanism bearings well worn
Fork oil seal leaking
Rear shock absorber replaced
Finally and worst of all, the swinging arm has rusted badly at the front end.  This is as a result of riding throughout the British winters with our salt laden roads. The damage was hidden by mud and only became visible when the dirt had been scraped off. I've heard of older ST's with only 60K miles have had same problem after being used a few times in winter on salted roads. 

Rusted swinging arm 11 swingarm 12 rust hole

Swinging arm corrosion - note holes on both sides of centre piece

swingarm rusted 10

This is a potentially serious safety problem. I suggest owners of high mileage ST's should clean swingarm with a brush and hose each spring to check.

Brakes completely overhauled, new pistons etc.

167,000 Engine going well, burns no oil  - feels like a new bike after all the work.

169,500 Alarming 'clacking' noise from rear end. Inspection of diff oil revealed traces of metal. Replacement diff fitted supplied via Partsearch for £70. Let's hope it lasts. It's a bargain if it does. Now goes smoothly again.

Clock has stopped working

April 2005 176,000.
Service plus new front wheel bearing and cush drive rubbers. Engine still going well but exhaust pipe on its way out. Bike sold.

UK Parts Search site 
Problem is that the public phone number takes a long time to answer whereas the Trade number has priority and is answered straight away. Public number calls cost £1.50 per minute - this is only cost for the search.

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