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I have been recommended to try the new Bridgestone Battlax BT 020 Radial tyres, now available for the non-ABS ST. 

Said to give good wet grip with reasonable mileage and this has been my experience.

Update - Jan. 2001
These 020's tyres grip well in the wet. They were causing head shake though at 40-50 mph.

Honda supply these radials BT020's to their MAC riders on their Standard ST's.

Previously I use Bridgestone Exedras which gave very high mileages 15,000R - 20,000F. Not so confident in the wet.

Intend to try out Metzeler MEZ4's next:
Nov. 2001 - pair of Metzeler Z4's fitted at 167,600

These new Metzeler tyres are very good. No headshake whatsoever, I am pleased to say. 

I am experimenting with tyre pressures. Metzeler recommend 34F 39R which seem OK. 

I tried 36 - 42 but it seemed too hard. These pressures were set by Honda 12 years ago before radial tyres were available

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