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UK Motorcycle World

Article from the Daily Telegraph 4th April 2000 about the various professional bodies
in London who use and ST1100 

The Working ST

UK road route planner form the RAC

The Isle of Man experience

This is a beautiful island, if a little cold at times in the summer, where the residents are very 'pro' bikes.

The TT races, for professionals, take place in June/July whereas the Manx GP runs at the end of August

Useful web sites to help you to keep in touch:



I have prepared a guide for enthusiasts
who are thinking of visiting the racing 
for the first time

For lots of news and information from
Britain's top weekly motorcycle newspaper MCN

UK bike web page Inside Bikes

Long list of UK bike web sites here

The National Motorcycle Council - lobbying for bikers

Recently set up - The London Motorcycle Campaign here

For working bikers:

The Despatch Association


To advertise your services Samedayit

For even harder working bikers - Backloader
- wish I had known about this one before
and this one Courier Exchange

UK Rider Testing

To obtain your full UK rider's licence you need to first pass the new Theory Test before you can take the Practical Riding Test

The BSM web site has a mock Theory Test system that matches the real thing which is a multi choice type exam

Test yourself - 35 questions in 40 minutes
you need 30 correct ones to pass
Note - measurements in questions are in metric

UK Road and street maps from these sites - 

Streetmap or Multimap

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