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Win Quake patch (337KB) Allows you to play Quake like a windows application.
Quake PowerVR OpenGL patch (103KB) Allows you to usa a PowerVR card on OpenGL.
Quake OpenGL patch (335KB) Updates support for OpenGL 3D cards.
*Quake Optimised OpenGL driver(71KB) Third party-made speed-optimised 3DFXGL.dll (Can also be used for Quake2)
Quake Rendition Verite Patch (26KB) This gives Quake the latest support for Rendition Verite.

*Quake2 Optimised OpenGL driver (71KB).Third party-made speed-optimised 3DFXGL.dll. (Can also be used for Quake)
*Quake2 ALL VERSIONS crack! (8KB)A Crack for ALL versions.
*Quake2 Crack! (28.6KB) This file allows you to play Quake2 without the CD!
 Q2CTF4a (982KB) This file is the New Quake2 CTF MAP!
Quake2 Rendition Patch Beta5 (157KB) A Quake2 patch for Rendition 3D Card users.
 Quake2 PVR Patch (88KB) This file give you the benefits of Power VR to Quake2. (Please note that you need a Power VR 3D Card)
Quake2 PVR OpenGL patch (103KB) Allows you to us a PowerVR card on OpenGL.
 Weapons Of Destruction (203KB) The Weapons Of Destruction Patch for Quake2. Please visit the creators home page.

 *GTA Crack! (15KB) This file allows you to play Grand Theft Auto without the CD! These cracks are for the DOS version in High colour and 3DFX.
*GTA CD Crack (31.3KB) This is the GTA CD Crack! Download this to play in ALL versions! (3DFX, High Colour and Dos etc.)

G-Police PVR Patch (654KB) Adds support for PowerVR 3D cards.
G-Police Cyrix Patch (636KB) A must download for Cyrix users (like myself).

Half Life
Half Life Crack (19KB) Allows you to play Half life without the CD!
Half Life No CD Check (5KB) This stops half life checking for the CD like a crack.

Klingon Honour Guard
Klingon Honour Guard 1.1 update (5KB) Updates KHGuard to version 1.1.

Pizza Tycoon
Pizza Tycoon Editor (21KB) Isn't it obvious?

*Commandos Crack (1.46KB) Yes it's HERE! And it's NEW! It's the crack for one of the best games EVER!

Colin Mcrae Rally
Colin Mcrae Rally update patch 15.10.98 (5.72KB) Updates CM Rally to latest version.
Colin Mcrae Rally No CD crack (5.66KB) Let's you play CM rally without the CD!

 Tomb Raider I
 *Tomb Raider I Crack (5.75KB) The first game with randy Lara Croft! Download this crack to play it without the CD!

Tomb Raider II
*Tomb Raider II Crack (5.63KB) The second game with that randy 'lass' Lara Croft! Download this crack NOW to play the game
without the CD!

Tomb Raider III
Tomb Raider III update patch (27KB) Fixes some bugs in the game etc.
Tomb Raider III Europe Crack (16KB) Cracks the game so you can play it without the CD!
Tomb Raider III Italian Crack (2K) Cracks the Italian version so you can play without the CD!
Tomb Raider III ISO Drive Letter Fix (75KB) Fixes problems with drive letters!

*Unreal Crack (9.90KB) Yes the Unreal crack it's HERE! Download to play without the CD!

Air Warrior III
Air Warrior III v3.10 patch (7MB)Please note we do not take responsability for downloading this and we simply show you the link where to gain the file.This patch is found upon another server and not our own. This adds Thrustmaster Attack support,loads of general bugs fixed,stretchibg of full screen text buffer has been corrected.Well worth the download.

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